Topic 1: Discussing the Ongoing Tensions in the Iraq Region, With Special Regards to the Insurgency Happening in the North of the Country
Topic 2: Measures to Regulate the Production, Stockpiling and Usage of Loitering Munition
Resolution:DISEC Resolution
Topic 1: Tackling the Effects of Illegal Activities That Occur Within Emerging Markets, With Special Regards to Pyramid Schemes
Topic 2: Measures for Inflation Control
Resolution:ECOFIN Resolution
Topic 1: Halting the Spread of Misinformation in Countries Affected by Military Disputes
Topic 2: Measures to Combat Discrimination Towards Cultural Assets of Countries That Engage in Armed Conflicts
Resolution:SOCHUM Resolution
Topic 1: Addressing the Tensions Happening in the Tibet Region
Topic 2: Developing Strategies to Ensure Safety, in Relation to the Increasing Usage of Nuclear Energy
Resolution:SPECPOL Resolution
Topic 1: Preventing the Creation or Development of Mercenary Groups in Africa
Topic 2: Tracking and Sanction of Organizations Related to the Production of Altered Drug-Related Substances
Resolution:UNODC Resolution
Topic 1: Combating the Human Rights Violations by Terrorist Groups, With Special Regards to Boko Haram
Topic 2: Fighting Against Corruption in South America
Resolution:UNHRC Resolution
Topic 1: Preventing Women Abuse by Sex Industry in Less-Developed Countries
Topic 2: Measures to Protect Women in the Middle East Against Religious Persecution
Resolution:CSW Resolution
Topic 1: Addressing the Growing Radicalization of Youth
Topic 2: Tackling the Hezbollah Activity in the Latin American Region
Resolution:CTC Resolution
Topic: Addressing the Situation at the Border Between Sudan and South Sudan
Resolution:SC Resolution
Topic: To Be Announced...