Topic: Measures for supervising the potential creation and development of submarine-launched ballistic missiles (SLBM), with special regards to the newly created Poseidon-like missiles that are carried by Belgorod submarines.
Research Report:DISEC Research Report
Topic: Taking measures towards regulating the usage of cryptocurrencies.
Research Report:ECOFIN Research Report
Topic: Aiding Ukrainian immigrants in preserving their cultural values.
Research Report:SOCHUM Research Report
Topic: Addressing the territorial dispute in the Kuril Islands.
Research Report:SPECPOL Research Report
Topic: Preventing the establishment and development of criminal organizations that are related to drug production and export in Asia.
Research Report:UNODC Research Report
Topic: Addressing the human rights violations against migrant workers.
Research Report:HRC Research Report
Topic: Regulating the deepfake technology.
Research Report:CSTD Research Report
Topic: Raising awareness regarding HIV spreading among youth.
Research Report:WHO Research Report
Topic: Ending the tensions in Transnistria.
Research Report:SC Research Report
Topic: To be announced...